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Kazakhstan Visa Checklist

Check Travel Requirements


Kazakhstan Visa Application Procedure 


Kazakhstan is a beautiful country to visit! It is filled up with unusual destinations which could be cherished forever throughout one's lifetime. Preparing yourself is very important to go to Kazakhstan. 


Be it anywhere the preparations cone fast before anything and everything. All have heard of the term, 'offbeat' before, we are sure. Well then let us tell you that this is the country that is home to a variety of offbeat destinations. Once again coming back you would love to be a part of the country as you surely will be cherishing it forever, the lively moments and lively everything. The country of Kazakhstan borders 2 countries and those are China and Russia. 


Unimaginably enough it is a country that lies in the top ten largest countries of the world. So it is quite simple to comprehend that it has got a lot within itself. To view the best, all you have to do is to get yourself a Kazakhstan e-Visa. Of course, there are various Kazakhstan Visa Requirements but we will come to them later. Above all, you need to be a very good intended traveller to travel abroad. Kazakhstan is the LAND OF THE WANDERERS. Starting from villages and ending in the mountains Kazakhstan has got the capability of shocking everyone at every step of it. If you are a green lover, then the lush green valleys would amaze you there. In case you are a mountain lover, Snow Mountains would undoubtedly shock you to the fullest because it is magnificent. 


Modern cities and a lot more, Kazakhstan holds within itself. If you are not a visitor yet, then we do not know when you will be, but chances to go to such lively countries do not come twice. Why not make the greatest of your moments of yours to the fullest? 


Kazakhstan has different types of Visas for foreigners willing to travel to their land and they are Kazakhstan Tourist Visa, Kazakhstan Business Visa, Kazakhstan Work Visa, and Kazakhstan Visit Visa. Yes, here Kazakhstan has different types of Visas one can opt for to go to the land of Kazakhstan. 


What Are the Visa Policy and the Visa Strategy Of Kazakhstan? 


Here are a few lists of countries that can go to the country of Kazakhstan visa-free and here you get the list below. Citizens of the below-mentioned countries could stay in Kazakhstan for a maximum of 90 days within 180 days. 


  • Azerbaijan 
  • Armenia 
  • Belarus 
  • Kyrgyzstan (may enter with IDs)
  • Georgia 
  • Mongolia 
  • Moldova 
  • Ukraine 
  • Russia 

Here is a list of a few visa-free countries the citizens of these below-mentioned countries can visit Kazakhstan for a maximum of 30 days and they are: 

  • Argentina (30 days within a year)
  • Ecuador 
  • Brazil  (30 days within a year)
  • South Korea 
  • Serbia 
  • Turkey 
  • Tajikistan 
  • Uzbekistan 
  • United Arab Emirates 

Here is a list of a few visa-free countries the citizens of these below-mentioned countries can visit Kazakhstan for a maximum of 14 days and they are: 


  • Hong Kong 
  • India (up to 42 days within 180 days)
  • China 
  • Iran (up to 42 days within 180 days)

Kazakhstan Visa Requirements 


  • Passports 

Passports are a must to travel to the country of Kazakhstan. This is a necessary document and anybody willing to go to the country should undoubtedly have this document along with them. A minimum of 2 empty pages must be present within it. Original Passports of the individuals will be encouraged. Damaged Passports will not be encouraged in any way. Old Passports are to be showcased as well if any are in stock but they should be in very good condition. 


  • Photos 

The face should cover 80% of the photo frame. Two copies of photos will be encouraged and the photos must be recent ones. Teeth should not be revealed in the photos and the expression of the individual should be neutral. Hair should be tied properly from the back and the photos should be matte finished. 


  • Air Tickets 

Confirmed flight tickets would be encouraged as it shows your planned dates of travel. 

  • Government ID Card 

For Indians, an Aadhar Card would do. A PAN Card can also be showcased in this case. Be it any country, a government-issued card is a must to acquire the e-Visa Kazakhstan.


  • Approval From Ministry 

Visa supporting letters should be submitted by the individuals whenever submitting Visa Applications to Kazakhstan.


  • Police Clearance 

These clearances shouldn't be older than two months. Original ones right from the police station would be highly encouraged. 


  • Health Reports 

HIV test reports are a must to go to Kazakhstan. The certificate that will be showcased to the authorities should be genuine. 



The application fee can be paid by the individuals with their respective debit, and credit cards or by using UPI.

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