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Thailand Visa Checklist

Check Travel Requirements


Thailand Visa Application Procedure 


How about imagining a gorgeous beach in Thailand, where a line of longtail boats is parked? Well, Southeast Asia's main travel hub in Thailand. It is the area's most well-liked tourist site. And of course, for quite a good reason it is! Once you are there you'll be capable of comprehending the reason why. 


Most travellers to the region enter through Bangkok, where they establish a base while backpacking around Southeast Asia. Thailand is a particularly talented country around the world, boasting stunning jungles, well-known beaches, top-notch diving, delicious food, and reasonable prices. People keep feeling drawn back once back to their homeland after visiting Thailand. Thailand has a lot to offer its guests, no matter their spending limit or interests. You can vacation extravagantly in beachfront resorts or you can trek everything on a tiny budget. The nation has got almost everything for everyone. Because the country is a popular truck stop on the hike, it's all highly practical and easy to understand here. However, there are still plenty of undiscovered areas accessible, away from the populace.

Here we help you navigate the nation like an expert, including the best places to go, what to avoid, how much it will cost, and almost everything in between! 


Going to Bangkok is crazy and fascinating at the same time. Discovering the excellent Thai cuisine there along with temples, palaces, incredible marketplaces, stores, and one of the wildest nightlife scenes in the world is truly exclusive.


Chiang Mai is a historic city with many temples, food marketplaces, night marketplaces, amazing restaurants, and so on. It's among Thailand's best. 


To acquire a Thailand Visa for Indians now, you need to proceed forward with your visa application but to do that you have to know first what visas Thailand offers Indians.


Below Are the Thailand Visa Requirements!


The nation of Thailand has got several sorts of visas to offer to Indian Nationals. Here are the ones that can be acquired easily by Indians only. They all are as follows:

  • Thailand Tourist Visa
  • Business Visa, 
  • Work Visa, and 
  • Study Visa 



To enter Thailand from India, a Passport is quite a crucial document one needs to have with himself/herself. Without a Passport, Visa Procedures cannot be started so understanding the crucially of this document is vital too. 

  • The passport must be a genuine one 
  • The passport must have a validity of 6 months ahead of the planned staycation 
  • Damaged passports will not be encouraged in any way 
  • The passport must have 2 or blank notes for the stamping procedure 

What Is the Visa Policy and the Visa Strategy Of Thailand?


Normal passport holders can enter Thailand without a visa for the durations mentioned below:


90 Days Visa-Free Entry within Any 6 Months 


  • Brazil 
  • South Korea 
  • Argentina 
  • Peru 
  • Chile 

45 Days Visa-Free Entry 


  • Laos 
  • Mongolia 
  • Macao 
  • Vietnam 
  • Russia 
  • Hong Kong 

14 Days Visa-Free Entry 


  • Myanmar 
  • Cambodia 

Diplomatic Passport Holders Visa Free Entry For Up To 90 Days 

  • Albania
  • Austria 
  • Argentina
  • Bangladesh 
  • Belgium 
  • Belarus
  • Bhutan
  • Brunei (30 days visa-free)
  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria 
  • Canada (30 days visa-free)
  • Cambodia (30 days visa-free)
  • Chile 
  • Colombia
  • China (30 days visa-free)
  • Costa Rica
  • Czech Republic 
  • Croatia
  • Ecuador (30 days visa-free)
  • Estonia 
  • El Salvador
  • France 
  • Germany 
  • Georgia 
  • Hong Kong (30 days visa-free)
  • Indonesia (30 days visa-free)
  • India 
  • Italy
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • Kosovo 
  • Kazakhstan (30 days visa-free)
  • Laos (30 days visa-free)
  • Liechtenstein
  • Latvia
  • Luxembourg
  • Malaysia 
  • Macau (30 days visa-free)
  • Mexico
  • Montenegro 
  • Mongolia (30 days visa-free)
  • Morocco
  • Myanmar (30 days visa-free)
  • Mozambique 
  • Nepal
  • Netherlands 
  • Pakistan (30 days visa-free)
  • Peru 
  • Panama 
  • Poland
  • Philippines
  • Russia 
  • Romania
  • Serbia
  • Singapore (30 days visa-free)
  • Seychelles
  • Tajikistan
  • Turkey 
  • Tunisia
  • United Kingdom (30 days visa-free)
  • Ukraine 
  • United States (30 days visa-free)

To Acquire a Thailand Visa, Below Are a Few Requirements!


  • 2 copies are to be submitted 
  • White backgrounds preferred 
  • Matte finish photos are encouraged 
  • Ears must be observable 
  • Recent photos would be encouraged 
  • Teeth shouldn't be shown or revealed 
  • Expressions should be neutral 
  • Glasses would not be encouraged

If you fail to update the authorities with a recent photo of yours, you might end up facing issues with your visa application so be mindful regarding the same. 

Air Ticket:

  • Confirmed tickets to and from Thailand would be encouraged 

Hotel Accommodation 

  • This should serve the purpose of the proof of accommodation in Thailand along with proper details 

Final Thoughts 

Thailand Tour Visa Price or the Thailand Visit Visa Cost depends upon the visa one is looking forward to opting for. It all starts from Rs. 2000 and can go high up to Rs. 13000. The prices of the various sorts of visas depend upon the duration, visa type, entries and so on. 

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