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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions 

Read the terms and conditions of our services below before using Visaleets

Using our platform you choose to agree with our terms and conditions. If you do not wish to agree with our terms and conditions stated below then you might send your complaints via email. We choose to revise our terms and conditions now and then, so always do keep a look whenever using our platform or services.

Visaleets will process an application to the user's requirements and won't be accountable for any sort of wrong data if given.


Refund Policy and Profile Termination or Cancellation

The moment you fulfill your transaction procedure for your application form for e-visa or any other services from Visaleets, you choose to begin your journey with us.

Visaleets will not process refunds especially for credit card payments over 3 months under any conditions. In such situations, Visaleets might choose to issue a credit note petition to the forthcoming petitions submitted through Visaleets.

Visaleets reserves the right to terminate orders or payments before the advent of the delivery without asserting any sort of explanations for the same! The moment you apply, submit and pay for your papers for your visa petition, you immediately provide us with consent to the advent of the processing of your order. Hence, the assistance will have considered having been delivered and you lose the liberty to cancel your order.

Users should assure us that before applying for the visa with Visaleets, they should not have applied for it somewhere else. If so, then the immigration may stop the procedure and fees would still be applicable!

If you choose to terminate the service you opted for and paid for then it might get allowed for a refund based on circumstance, if only the service is still not processed further to the respective department.

If your passport and other assisting documentation were obtained by Visaleets and already have been submitted by our team to proceed further then during the period of termination you will not obtain any sort of refund! Anyway, if the submission has not been made during the period of termination then you might obtain a partial refund comparable to the difference of any amount paid like the processing fee and the return shipping charge.

If you have not shared your essential documentation with us, but wish to terminate your order at the same time, within 24 hours, you may obtain a partial refund.

Anyway, Visaleets is not at all accountable for any of the above-mentioned incidents with the visa issuing council. Rejection towards the issuing of visas, issuance of a false visa, rejection towards accepting of petitions, delay in the procedure of obtaining e-visa. If Visaleets commits any of these mistakes then we are rigidly responsible for the cost of a replacement visa or maybe a refund of all the fees paid previously.

If your petition gets opposed by the visa-issuing authorities, then Visaleets will not provide you with any sort of refund and you have to reapply for your visa according to the visa rules and regulations.

Users might obtain refunds in rare situations like if Visaleets is unable to provide its clients with the services it promised to provide in its contract.

Normally, refunds are initiated soon after the order gets terminated. Anyway, the procedure may take a maximum period of 2 weeks for the clients to obtain the fee into their respective bank accounts or maybe which was used to initiate or place the terminated order.


Costing and Accessibility

We do not ensure our users that their petitions would get approved by the visa-issuing authorities. Our task is limited to looking after your online submitted form to the visa issuing authority.

Bookings would only get verified after the completion of the full payment. Payments are approved in USD.

Every user is bound to fulfill and confirm any sort of requirement in concern to the essential documentation needed by the certain country.

Visaleets is not at all responsible if any of its users are not capable of the products and services offered, false data given by the user, or maybe any other similar sort of mistakes committed in concern to the visa petition.

We do not approve your visas on our own! We are associated with no governmental association. We are a private registered company.

Understanding the Covid-19 situation all around the globe, there are locations where e-visa does not get authorized. For such cases, Visaleets is not at all responsible and shall not initiate any sort of refund to the user.

Our prices are maintaining the current standards of the travel industry for the given products and services on our platform. Improving the status of the pricing is next to impossible if stated by any of our clients.

If we are ready to make a difference in the prices of our website, especially requested by our clients.

All the prices on our platform are comprehensive of taxes at an acceptable rate!

Our users should approve to pay all of the charges and the fees of the products and services offered by Visaleets. Paying the acceptable taxes and shipping charges connected with your purchase of our goods and services is a must for all! Processing fees might change at any moment in time but everything is subjected to informing all the users of Visaleets.


Debit Card, credit card, MasterCard will also be approved by Visaleets.

Transaction history is very crucial. Once you start availing of our services never miss retaining a copy of so!


Processing Period

The processing period of any sort of our products and services for delivering at Visaleets is fixed! The processing period should always be counted beginning from the next business day when all the documentation is sent to us for processing.   

Additional documentation for more detail may be requested at times.

Deliveries and services often may get delayed or maybe denied for processing under certain circumstances. Visaleets in no way are responsible for such happenings and no amount of embassy fee, shipping charges, service fee, and courier fees will be refunded to the user.


Limitations on Usage

Users are not allowed to use our platform for just fulfilling personal interests! Selling of the products and services of Visaleets to third parties is strictly prohibited.

Users should not be under 18 years of age. If so, then they should not register themselves as a user of our platform and also shall not transact any amount of fee through the website.


Remittance Verification

Once the payment gets cleared for the products and services individuals have opted for, our users get the notification of so, through email within 24 hours of the payment made.


Operation Mode and Shipping

Visaleets operates with its clients electronically and all the receipts and other essential information are sent through email.


Safety and Security

We tend to safeguard your personal information with additional security measures from time to time! Visaleets have got the responsibility of preserving the rights of all the users of the platform.


Site Data and Perfection

We compile data with legitimate care and skill. Anyway, a few data compiled are given to us by third parties who are not a part of our team. Hence, Visaleets do not take responsibility for the data which is procured from third parties. Errors often might take place because this is an internet-related system and at times is not in human control.


Privacy Policy

Visaleets usually collect information when individuals view the website. Mainly the user's information gets fetched through the contact us page. User details are safe with us and we do not sell your data to any third party. Information you share with us is completely safe, secured, and disclosed with us!


Ownership of Claims

Users are approved with a limited license to download the materials present on Visaleets. You can download it from your private computer and then print a hard copy of it. This is meant for non-commercial usage.

The granting of the limited license is subjected to an agreement.



Visaleets contain links belonging to third-party websites which the users should be aware of! We do not control those third-party sites. Any content you get to view through Visaleets does not prove our responsibility. The existence of third-party links does not imply anything. It is not in our control. If you have responded to their links, that is not our concern.


Terms and Conditions of Usage

Visaleets has got the right to change any of its terms and conditions at any point in time without any notice! Hence, you have to check the website deliberately before making further decisions.


Passport and Visa

In case of any sort of doubts or confusion, you have to connect with the concerned embassy for consultation of your doubts or questionnaire. Applicants should always inform Visaleets with the data about their respective passport, visa, or maybe other important documentation before the departure because at no point in time requirements might change! Hence, if not informed Visaleets is not responsible if the applicant is not approved to enter the other country due to any sort of mistake committed by the applicant. Mistakes like:

Visa related documentation

A crucial requirement of the destination country

A crucial requirement of the airline

Original passport



Visaleets has got the right to terminate your access to the platform anytime that too without prior notice if you noticed to not comply with any of the rules and regulations.

Users often forget to carry this above-mentioned documentation which absolutely should not happen!

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