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Republic of the Congo Visa Checklist

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Republic of the Congo

Application Procedure for Visa in Congo


One of the top destinations in Africa for holiday is Congo. Wildlife enthusiasts are interested in travelling to the country to witness the sight of endangered gorillas. One can find gorillas in the Kahuzi Biega National park and Lwiro Chimpanzee sanctuary. The country’s landscape includes mountains, falls, and forests that give a pleasant travelling experience to visitors.


Below are the Congo visa requirements!


If you are aware of the following visa requirements, the visa process would be a smoother journey for you. 


Congo offers visitors multiple visa types so that visitors can come to the country for various purposes such as site seeing, business, work, and visiting friends and family, etc., these visa types include:


When you apply for a Congo visa application form online, you will find four different types of visas. 


Which Are 


Vacation Permit

Commercial Visa


To obtain these, you must first be a true traveller who is financially capable of supporting yourself while abroad. It's vital to be healthy!


To travel to Congo, a passport is a mandatory travel document. Take into account that your passport needs to be longer than six more months than the time you planned to spend in the Congo. At least 3 different blank pages should be accessible for certifying and stamping. The passport must not be ripped or otherwise harmed. Everyone should obey the laws of that country before visiting because attempting to pass a long border will be viewed as an awful crime.


What are Congo’s Visa policies and strategies?


Travellers who are inclined to visit Congo should understand the visa policy of the country for smooth travel.


For up to 90 days, anyone from the nations listed below can explore Congo without the need for a visa. But they have to show a biometric passport.


  • Central African Empire
  • Spanish Guinea
  • Gabon.

Congo has signed a visa waiver agreement with Angola for allowing service and diplomatic passport holders to the country without a visa. But this agreement is yet to come into force.


However, citizens of the nations listed below are eligible to get visas on arrival.

Travellers who are visiting Congo for transit to other countries should possess a confirmed onward ticket to another country on the very day of arrival. These travellers should have all the documents necessary for the next destination and must not leave the international transit area.


The Congolese visa officials have introduced the electronic visa system in August 2019. So, travellers who are planning to visit Congo can now apply for a visa at the Republic of Congo embassy hosted on the France official website.


Requirements for a Congo Visa


The Congo visa regime offers visitors two types of visas: business visas and tourist visas. Those intending to visit the country for tourist purposes have to fill out the Congo tourist visa online application form while if the traveller is on business purposes then a business visa is suitable.


At the convenience of the couch, one can apply for a Congo e-visa with the help of Congo e-visa services. The Congo visa requirements for getting a congo visa include recent passport-size photographs, an original passport, personal cover letter having information such as travel purposes. 


Apart from the above, the applicant should also have proof of financial stability, a travel itinerary, flight tickets, and a yellow fever vaccination certification.


The traveller should make a note that the government is strict about the photographs submitted with the visa application form. The travellers should keep this in mind and click the passport photos by following the photo guidelines.


However, the following individuals are exempted from visa submission. 


  • The Chinese national who is holding a Public affairs passport need not produce a visa while visiting Congo.
  • A visa is not mandated by the Congo visa officials for those travellers who produce a V.I.P. invitation letter.
  • Apart from the above visa exemptions, nationals of Brazil, Russia, and China who hold a service category or diplomatic passport also are exempted from producing a visa.
  • Portugal and Turkey nationals who carry diplomatic passports are also not required to produce a visa.

Timing of Processing


A visa application to Congo will generally be processed by the embassy in 10-12 working days. So, it is advisable to start the visa process much earlier than the scheduled travel. 



The applicant has to pay visa application fees online using credit, debit, or net banking facilities.


Having understood the visa process, the applicant should apply for a Congo visa as soon as possible!


As the country offers two types of visas, the intended tourist travellers should apply for a tourist visa by providing all the visa requirements. The visa process isn't that complicated if you know the visa process which is provided in the blog.

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