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Do You Know About The World's Most Strength Passport For 2023? Know The Rank Of India Here! What Is The Least Powerful Passport For 2023?

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Do You Know About The World's Most Strength Passport For 2023? Know The Rank Of India Here! What Is The Least Powerful Passport For 2023?

Visaleets | Updated on 18 Jan,2023

Hi, do you know about the most powerful passport of the ongoing year? Well, what is the rank of India? A nation in the globe to possess the least powerful passport of 2023! Well, to tell you the truth these are very confidential sorts of information that got released recently and we thought why not share them with you?


According to new reports, an Asian Passport Trio is giving opportunities to its holders to travel free globally and this freedom is not like any other freedom of the other nations. 


A new report was released by Henley & Partners and London-based global citizenship regarding the same mentioned above. 


The Henley & Partners list is considered to be one among the various indexes formulated by other firms to rank passports according to the accessibility they provide to their citizens.


The list provided by the firm is updated throughout the year; this is when visa policies vary and come under major effect. Do you wanna know more about what all freedom is about? Read more below to get enlightened on the current happening. 


Japan has got the first rank in the entire list by Henley & Partners and the meaning is that the citizens of Japan from now on can enjoy visa-free travel or visa-on-demand travel to around 193 locations present in this globe. This means an individual no longer needs to apply for an Online Visa. Isn't it an achievement for the entire of Japan? Yes, of course, it is! 

Ahead of the story of Japan, the citizens of both Singapore and Korea can also visit visa-free or visa-on-demand a total number of around 192 locations which is just a digit below Japan. It is truly decent to know that e-Visa Online Application is no longer a need at least for a few nations. 


Covid indeed did devastate the globe. Visa Online Services were no longer in need for the past few years. But now it is the time for these above-mentioned citizens to make the most of their independence. Also, the Asia-Pacific is opening hence it is completely a win-win situation. 


After these Asian nations, the list lies a huge number of European nations sat almost near the top. 


It is a tie between Spain and Germany because here, according to the leaderboard, both are stuck on the same page with the freedom of going to 190 locations visa-free. 


Above mentioned nations are followed by 3 more nations and they are Finland, Italy, and Luxembourg having 189 points altogether. 


The 5th position has been secured by 4 nations and they are Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, and Austria having 188 points and again these 4 are stocked on the same page. 


The 6th position has been occupied by Portugal, France, the United Kingdom, and Ireland with an opportunity of 187 visa-free locations.

The 7th position is held by the Czech Republic, Norway, the United States, Switzerland, Belgium, and New Zealand, and they have 186 visa-free locations along them. 


India has the 85th rank and is gifted with around 59 visa-free locations; the same rank is held by Mauritania and Uzbekistan as well. 


Disappointingly enough, its rank in Afghanistan is 109 and they have got access to just 27 nations without even needing a visa in advance. 


The Top 10 Renowned Passports of 2023 at a Glance by Henley & Partners!

  • 1. Japan (193 visa-free nations )
  • 2. South Korea and Singapore (192 visa-free nations)
  • 3. Spain and Germany (190 visa-free nations)
  • 4. Italy, Finland, and Luxembourg (189 visa-free nations)
  • 5. Denmark, Austria, Netherlands, and Sweden (188 visa-free nations)
  • 6. Ireland, France, Portugal, and the United Kingdom (187 visa-free nations)
  • 7. New Zealand, Belgium, Norway, the United States, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic (186 visa-free nations)
  • 8. Canada, Australia, Greece, and Malta (185 visa-free nations)
  • 9. Poland and Hungary (184 visa-free nations)
  • 10. Slovakia and Lithuania (183 visa-free nations)

The Not At All Popular Passports of 2023 at a Glance by Henley & Partners!

  • 102. North Korea (40 visa-free nations)
  • 103. Palestinian territory and Nepal (38 visa-free nations)
  • 104. Somalia (35 visa-free nations)
  • 105. Yemen (34 visa-free nations)
  • 106. Pakistan (32 visa-free nations)
  • 107. Syria (30 visa-free nations)
  • 108. Iraq (29 visa-free nations)
  • 109. Afghanistan (27 visa-free nations)

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