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Iran - Witness The Cuisine, Culture, And Fashion By Getting Your Visa Now! Know The Visa Procedure Here!

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Iran - Witness The Cuisine, Culture, And Fashion By Getting Your Visa Now! Know The Visa Procedure Here!

Visaleets | Updated on 03 Jan,2023

Iran is filled with a rich history, culture, traditionalism, amazing people, and incredible architecture. The nation of Iran is quite large and is also considered to be one of the strongest empires that ever existed in ore. In Iran, individuals can visit a variety of exotic ancient structures and sites. Many of them are still not open to the public to this date but can be viewed from a certain distance. 


Striking mountainous landscapes, vast deserts, uncountable cities, and mesmerizing people are what Iran holds within itself. A single-time visit to the nation is not considered to be enough because there is a lot that unfortunately cannot be finished by going to the nation just for once. A month can be deemed too few, and people nowadays plan for just a few weeks, which is again not enough. 


The Persian Empire and the Persian Culture are relatively huge to be known by foreigners briefly. Dropping everything right now and spending some leisure time in Iran is always worthwhile and cannot be a bad idea anyway. Travelling to a brand-new location is always difficult for a traveller and often challenging depending on the various occurring circumstances. A little bit of enlightenment and proper information can ease such arising situations when at a new destination. Iran is renowned for its people, diversity, customs, landscapes, lifestyle, and many more. In simple words, invariably the more you know, the more you relish the tour. 


Henceforth, before packing your bags, pack some worthy information instead and make the most of your tour because happiness is what all deserve, travelling is the key to happiness, and so on. 



'Khoresh e ghormeh sabzi' can be called the national dish of the nation of Iran. Anybody going to Iran or looking forward to going in the upcoming New Year 2023 should try this out if you are a flavour freak when it comes to the topic of foods. The dish is quite citrusy which means sour and it is kind of a stew that is very slowly cooked with great care. It consists of lamb chunks, herbs, and red kidney beans. Talking about the staple cuisine of the Iranians, is flatbreads, rice, cheese, different varieties of meat, and herbs in a rows altogether. 




The culture of the Iranians is the most influential in this world. Iran is home to the richest and the oldest art cultures which include it all and those are - Music, Architecture, Pottery, Stonemasonry, Literature, Dance, Painting, Calligraphy, Weaving, and Metalworking. In Iran languages like Turkic, Semitic, and Iranian are the most popular and the most common ones. Foreign individuals knowing any of these will be able to communicate in Iran very properly and hassle-free. The literature of this nation is the world's most appreciated literature. Iranian literature has become the world's greatest literature of humanity and mankind. 




The very popular clothing style in Iran begins with the head scarf. This is worn by women individuals to cover their heads and neck altogether. A knee-length coat called the roo-push along with pants is relatively common in the streets of Iran. The nation of Iran is certainly no less in terms of fashion when compared with other nations. The younger generation of Iran has valued the statements of fashion since the beginning and has become successful in managing creative and unique fashion, despite the much-known restrictions in the territory of Iran. 


Visa Procedure 


Only Indian passport holders have access to the Iran Visit Visa and Iran Business Visa. Anybody who does not have a passport will not be able to apply even for their Iran Visa on Arrival. Having an Indian passport is not all, maintaining it and keeping it in a decent condition is also a big part of the entire visa procedure. The photographs of the applicants should compulsorily cover 80% of the clicked frame where expressions are supposed to be neutral which is a must. The hair should be tidily tied from the back and there shouldn't be any presence of headgear in the photographs. The Iran Visa Fee for Indians starts from around Rs. 8000 and can range up to Rs. 30,000 depending on the requirements, timings, type of visas, entries, and so on. 

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